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Tap your creativity & get inspired!

As an artist I love the creative element of what I do.  Whether I am performing onstage, writing for this blog or teaching a Ballet Beautiful class I am always looking for new ways to express myself and share my vision with others. The creative process is a huge part of my Ballet Beautiful program and that is incredibly inspiring to me!  It helps me stay connected to my artistic side and also keeps the method fresh and new.

I am constantly looking for new ways to merge my love of ballet with physical fitness and health and share it with the world!  I relish the process of creating new Ballet Beautiful exercises and stretches to move, sculpt and strengthen the body.  I also love finding creative ways to share Ballet Beautiful with others through my videos, interactive, online classes and by incoporating healthy recipes and snacks as part of the Ballet Beautiful Lifestyle.  Even the slightest change or shift in perspective can be enough to kick off this creative process; travel, reading a new book or swapping ideas on healthy shopping and beauty tips with a friend.

Every day offers a chance to be creative, to take a risk and try something new to improve your life!  Even at the most basic level we can use creativity to inspire us to better health and wellness and to add an element of beauty to the smallest parts of our everyday lives.  The creative process makes everything brighter and a lot more fun!  Maybe it’s making exercise a more regular part of your life by squeezing in 5 mins of stretching at your desk or in the carpool line to stay limber and improve your posture, enjoying a 15-Minute Blast video when you have a moment of downtime at home or swapping out tv time in the evenings for a brisk walk and a chance to be outside. Or perhaps you are already working out regularly but looking to challenge yourself with my new Cardio Series videos or new healthy snacks and recipes.

One of the greatest things about the creativity is the way that it filters in and influences other parts of your life.   So tap your creativity and get inspired!  And let me know how it goes!

Sending love! xoxoMary Helen

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