2018 Holiday Roundup

Complete your Ballet Beautiful collection with our favorite releases from this year! From magical workouts to chic activewear and new Custom Workout subscription features - 2018 has been a big year for Ballet Beautiful.

Hope you have loved all of these new releases and stay tuned for more in 2019!


The Ballet Beautiful Team

Gemstone Series

Everyone has LOVED our Gemstone Workout series! The Crimson Gemstone workout is a fun ballet cardio series that incorporates lunges and choreography to burn and tone. The Green Gemstone workout incorporates lush arm movements (port de bras) and dance inspired steps to build strength and grace. These workouts make you feel like you are dancing while building your ultimate Ballet Beautiful bod! Stay tuned for the Platinum workout coming soon in 2019!

Body Recharge Series

Looking to recharge your body and your workouts? This series is just what you need. Body Recharge is a tool to help anyone that has taken a break from fitness get back at it, and begin the process of building tone, stamina and strength. These workouts are some of Mary Helen's personal favorites for after the birth of a baby, an injury or any sort of pause in working out. Stay tuned for more coming in 2019!

Water Bottles and Tote Bags

We finally released some gorgeous Ballet Beautiful Tote Bags and Water Bottles. The tote bags are soft, versatile, vegan and eco friendly. They are the perfect way to carry your dance slippers, water bottle, legwarmers and more in Ballet Beautiful Style! Our 17-ounce BB water bottles are insulated, and make staying hydrated effortlessly chic and easy.

Pull on Slippers with Ribbons

We love our NEW Satin Pull On Slippers! Channel your inner Prima Ballerina with these gorgeous ballet slippers, now with ribbons!

Five Minute Ab Bundle

Three mini core workouts to strengthen and tone! This bundle includes three of our favorite five minute workouts to sculpt a strong lean core, including a mix of traditional mat and standing abdominal exercises.

Playlist Feature in the Custom Workout

Our newest Custom Workout subscription feature: the ability to build and save your own personal playlists of videos from our streaming library. There are now more ways than ever to maximize our exclusive streaming videos and enjoy the ultimate Ballet Beautiful workout!