3 Exercises for Ballerina Legs!

Leg workouts are a Ballet Beautiful staple and with Summer arriving I’m ramping up my routine to build more muscle tone and strength. Below are three of my go-to exercises for toned Ballerina legs. Add these to your next Ballet Beautiful workout to build power and length!

Mary Helen Bowers

1. Degage a la Seconde on the Mat

This classic ballet movement works wonders for the inner thigh and makes for an incredible mat workout. Begin lying on your side on the mat both legs stretched long. Engage the abs and straighten both knees. Keeping the hips open extend the top leg 45 degrees, hold for two counts then lower and repeat for 3 sets of 8. Stretch and repeat on the other side.

Mary Helen Bowers

2. Develope a la Seconde on the Mat

I love the way that this movement mirrors a ballet class. Begin on your side on the mat, stretching both legs long. Pull the stomach in tight to engage the abs and fully stretch the bottom leg. Bend the top leg drawing the toe towards the knee into a Passe position and then extend the leg up as you straighten the knee. Hold for ten counts. Lower and repeat 3 sets of 8. Stretch and repeat on the other side.

3. Staggered Bridge

My go to for quickly targeting the back of the thighs and butt! Begin lying on your back on the mat. Stagger the feet so one side is closer to the butt with one foot stepped slightly out. Lift the heels up bringing the feet to demi pointe. Raise the hips high, pulling the abs in tight. Lower the hips and lift again squeezing behind the butt. Repeat 3 sets of 8. Stretch and repeat with other leg in front.