3 Must Have Barre Stretches!

Hi Beauties,

Every ballet class begins with a very thorough warm up at the barre. We love barre work at Ballet Beautiful for the same reasons - it allows you to focus deeply on form, get a great workout and prepare the muscles for more challenging movement to come.

Barre stretches are also a great way to improve your range of motion and elongate your Ballet Beautiful muscles!  In classical ballet, a gentle barre stretch is a great preparation for the work to come as well as a cool down.  Try starting and finishing your next workout with Mary Helen's 3 MUST HAVE Barre Stretches to open up the hips and legs.

When you watch the video, look out for Mary Helen's pro tips on execution and form. For a longer, deeper stretch at the barre, check out some of our favorite full length Barre Stretches in our Custom Workout Streaming Library.

Lengthen Barre Stretch

Stretch and Tone: Barre Stretch

Barre Stretch & Posture Work