6-Week Challenge: Week 1

It’s finally HERE – our 6-Week Challenge begins on Monday! This is our largest and longest Challenge to date. If you have participated in one of challenges before - welcome back! The structure of this challenge will be slightly different than our challenges in the past, see below for all the fun details. If this is your first Ballet Beautiful Challenge - welcome! I am so happy that you are joining us!


- If you're not already a Custom Workout Subscriber, the first step is to join our Custom Workout membership, use this link to join!

- All of the workouts that we will be using are available in our subscriber's Streaming Libraries (there are now over 300 videos and growing!). If you are not a member of the Custom Workout, this is a great time to join to get started on achieving your fitness goals and feeling your best! If you are a member you will find all of the titles for each week's challenge in your Streaming Library!


Please note - we will be releasing the workout calendar one week at a time. Every Friday we will release the next week’s workout calendar in our blog. Check back here to stay up-to-date and be sure to subscribe to our emails for announcements, round ups and member features!

You can follow along each day in one of two ways:

The first option is searching for each individual video via title in the Streaming Library using the search bar at the top, and play them from there! This is a quick and easy way to move through each video and daily playlist with minimal prep and effort.

The second option is to use our “Create A Playlist” feature, one of our favorite and most popular features of the Custom Workout subscription! We recommend creating individual mini playlists for either each day or week, whichever works best for you.

When asked to personalize your playlist,  scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Select from Full Library.”  From here you can select and save each title  -- PLEASE EXPAND - We would also encourage you to use COMMAND + F or CONTROL + F (depending on your device) to easily find the videos you need. To reorganize the order of the videos, simply click and drag on the titles (not the images) to move them around!


We want this Challenge to work for Ballet Beauties at every level!  I created the playlists with an intermediate to advanced level in mind along with bonus workouts that can be added in each day or week for additional challenge. Keep in mind that the bonus workouts are bonus - they are optional and designed for our more experienced/advanced members that have the time to dig a little deeper!

Listen to your body and do what works best for you – if you have more energy and want to push yourself: layer in an extra workout from the bonus day. If you feel too pushed for time or not ready to follow the full playlist that's fine too - do what you can, when you can!

Don't skip a day because you don't have a full hour, squeeze in as much as you can to stay on track. And if you feel that your level is closer to a beginner my advice would be to skip some of the more advanced cardio focused videos and focus on building strength and stamina with our mat work and toning.  This is a long challenge - work to complete as much of it as possible, consistency is key!

- Once you are set up with our Custom workout subscription and a favorite device to follow along, it is very easy to do these workouts no matter where you are! The only equipment you will need is a mat, light hand-weights and some space. It is also always helpful to have a towel with you and some water to stay hydrated.


- We will be starting the challenge on Monday, January 27 and it will be ending on Sunday, March 8.

- The workouts include 30 days of training plus bonus days (the schedule includes 5 days of workouts on Monday - Friday across 6 weeks because I like to have my weekends more relaxed to spend time with my family and daughters) with one to two full rest days each week, depending on if you choose to use the bonus day!

- As with our previous BB Challenges, this one will consist of completing the workouts every day according to the Challenge calendar and we will help keep each other motivated.


I want to know how you are feeling, which workouts you love and every detail of your results! Please remember to share your workouts, photos, videos and all the fun details with us on social media! Tag me @balletbeautiful @balletbeautifulfit and remember that if you are posting in your stories those posts only last for 24 hours - I don't want to miss seeing how you are doing , so please share in your main page on FB, instagram etc and on Ballet Beautiful's pages too!  I'll be using these hashtags on my posts, #BalletBeautifulChallenge #BalletBeautiful .


Thank you for joining me and our Ballet Beauties around the world for an intense 6-Week New Year Challenge!

Have a beautiful workout!

xo Mary Helen

Click here to download & print a PDF version of the calendar.