6-Week Challenge: Week 4
We are more than halfway done with the Challenge! Congratulations on such hard work, Beauties. It's downhill from here!
This can be around the time where our muscles are sore and tight, so I wanted to share some of my tips on stretching and staying positive.
Foam Roller:
After a challenging BB workout it is so important to stretch to prevent injury and keep loose. Using a foam roller is a great way to release the tightness deep in your muscles which can help increase your results!
Stretching is a gentle and restorative way to ease tight muscles and open up cramped areas, which can be so great at this time. It’s wonderful at the beginning or end of a workout.
Stay Positive:
Learning to think about our bodies in a way that is positive and kind is key to living a happy, healthy life. Do not let negative thoughts get between you and your workout or any health and fitness goals. If you are struggling with self doubt and a negative body image try to focus on how great moving makes you feel. You are worth it!
Thank you for joining us on this intensive Challenge! 2 weeks to go - we've got this!!
Mary Helen
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