6-Week Challenge: Week 6!

Week 6 is HERE - the FINAL week! What an achievement Beauties!

On this last week of the Challenge I want to focus on gratitude for our bodies, all of our hard work, and commitment.

I believe that when change comes from a place that is possible and we take small steps towards making big differences we can connect the dots to achieve radical, life-changing habits that are lasting and true. I am here cheering for you and so proud of all of your dedication!!

This Challenge was an incredible step on the path to change. Keep focusing on the positive and thinking about the things you are thankful for in your life. Think about the constructive and loving things that you do for your health each day. How can we expand on those positive actions and goals? Let's continue to focus on all of the amazing things we are doing to conquer our personal, work and fitness goals and how far we have come!!

Thank you so much for joining me and our Ballet Beauties ALL over the world for this amazing Challenge! I am so inspired by all of you!!

xoxo - Mary Helen

Click here to download & print a PDF version of the calendar.