Ask Mary Helen

“I am completely in love with Ballet Beautiful, but is there anything I should add to my workout schedule to mix it up?” 

Mary Helen’s Answer:

Hello Beauties!

When it comes to working out I think it’s really important to do what you love! Exercise should make you look and feel terrific on the inside and out. So I’m always hesitant to tell people to abandon running or their yoga practice if it’s something that’s an important part of their life. That being said, mixing in other types of workouts with the Ballet Beautiful routine is definitely not necessary. More importantly, it can also alter the results.

Any exercise that is heavy on the front of the the legs and thighs like running or cycling will add bulk to the bottom half because the quad builds so easily. The same is true for overbuilding the upper body and arms. [Remember to be extra careful and stretch a ton if you are working out with heavy weights, kettle balls or lots of equipment.]

An ideal lineup for Ballet Beautiful is a weekly combination of our mat and cardio exercises. And yes, BB can be combined with other workouts if that’s the key to keeping you moving, healthy, happy and fit. But again, it’s all about what you are seeking in results! If your goal is to sculpt a body shape that’s lean, elegant, toned and strong I really believe that Ballet Beautiful does it all, and have seen the proof in the incredible results from our members around the world. For the majority of our clients at BB and me, it’s all about Ballet Beautiful!

If you are trying to lose weight we recommend mixing in more BB cardio, particularly our high intensity videos like the Allegra Workout. For our Custom Workout members we have an entire schedule that can be personalized to rev the metabolism and burn fat.  DVD fans will also love our upcoming September 3 DVD release of Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn, a fun and challenging combination of Allegra intervals with toning exercises. It’s a killer!

Overall, pay attention to how your body is reacting to the BB workout and be careful not to overdo cardio outside of Ballet Beautiful. You simply do not need to spend hours on an elliptical machine, the treadmill or at the gym! Ballet Beautiful is a way of life and I would love you to really grab hold and add it to your daily life.


Have a Beautiful workout,

-Mary Helen