Ask MH - Girl's Life Mag FB Live Chat

Hello Beauties!

Last night Girl’s Life Magazine hosted Mary Helen for a 1-hour Facebook Live Chat with our BB fans. MH answered questions about health, fitness, quick tips and how to get motivated! Below are some of our favorite questions from the Ballet Beauties that participated. Check out the whole chat here and get more questions answered each week from Mary Helen on our BB blog!

Q from Samantha

Hi Mary Helen, I am a a dancer as well and I’m wondering how to stay in shape and to become stronger in ballet because I have dance two times a week. What are some good exercises? Is long distance running good for dance?


Running and ballet target pretty different muscles so they are not the perfect complement and would work more as cross training for that reason…I always find that running makes my back and hamstrings super tight. If you are looking for a workout to enhance your dance class check out our videos and online membership! They are great for sculpting a very ballet specific physique and will improve your center of balance, dance technique and more!

Q from Phylicia

Do you have any exercises that focus on the butt?


Hi Phylicia! We have so many great exercises for the butt & legs! When you are dancing you are constantly pulling in tight through the center and engaging the butt muscles.  For mat work and getting started our DVDs are terrific. One of my favorites is in our Body Blast DVD. If you get started down on your hands and knees and extend one leg to the back for a series of lifts in attitude and arabesque, this is a good start!

Q from Ashely

What other exercises from your program do you recommend to tone the inner thighs besides the workout from the Total Body DVD?


Ballet is all about the inner thighs so lots of our workouts target that muscle. Our new Cardio DVD (available Sep. 3!) has an inner thigh workout that you will love. It’s a great way to mix it up! There are also some fun standing workouts on our website (like our Inner Thigh with Ronde de Jambe video) that are great for the inner thighs.