Ask MH - Weekend Getaway

Hello Beauties!

Labor Day weekend is almost here and one our our most common FAQs is about keeping a healthy routine during the holidays.

“I love Ballet Beautiful but how do I make it a part of my vacation and keep up with my healthy diet on the go?”

Mary Helen’s Answer: 

Eating healthy over the holidays or any time you travel is all about balance, having fun and planning ahead. Labor Day is one of my favorite long weekends for savoring the last days of summer! The last thing that I want to worry about is my diet or workout routine.Whether you are traveling and enjoying a last chance getaway before the mad rush of fall or just barbecuing with friends, the upcoming long weekend is a perfect chance to kick back and enjoy the warm weather and baby your hard working bod!

I always find that I’m the most happy and relaxed on vacation when I keep my Ballet Beautiful principles in mind. For me this means that I don’t radically alter my workout or my diet just because I’m away. In other words, sticking to a version of what works for me at home and keeps me looking and feeling my best when I’m on the go!

Example: When I travel I look for oatmeal with nuts and fresh fruit for breakfast (*#BBQuicktip: you can buy it at Starbucks in the airport!) or a greek yogurt with raw almonds and fruit to power me through a day on the road, at the beach or wherever I am. This healthy breakfast is also great fuel for a Ballet Beautiful workout, so I can head into a full day of vacation feeling great! If I’m eating out or hitting a BBQ I’ll make sure to add some fresh salad and veggies to my plate to balance everything out and drink as much water as I can throughout the day. And I always pack my favorite dark chocolate so it’s easy to say no to the temptation of freshly baked cookies and other sugary treats.

I also find that vacation can be an amazing time to make fitness a priority. I love swimming in addition to Ballet Beautiful when I’m at the beach or at a resort with a killer pool! It’s also the perfect time to take advantage of downtime and go for a long walk with loved ones or friends or to get the in-laws to watch the kids while your treat yourself to a workout.

One of the difficulties with holidays and traveling is the unknown, but small tricks like these can make all the difference in keeping your weight consistent, your gorgeous BB body in shape and your vacation fueled with fun!

What are your healthy travel tips?

Wishing you a lovely Labor Day weekend & an energizing workout!! xoMary Helen