Ballet Baby! 22 Weeks

At 22 weeks pregnant, or five and a half months along, I’m now over half way there! It’s wild to consider that in a few short months I’ll be holding this little baby in my arms.  There is nothing in this world that I am looking forward to more! My mom always says that your children are your most precious gifts in life. As much as I am enjoying my pregnancy, I cannot wait to meet this little treasure.

After a busy morning and an energizing workout I’m now settled at my desk and can feel the baby dancing in my stomach and jumping around. I feel the movement the most at times when I am still, after a meal, when I’m writing, in a bath at night… The feeling is so unique and it sometimes seems to come from nowhere! It never fails to make me smile.

Yesterday I went in for an ultrasound and we could hardly get a profile shot because the baby was so active, kicking it’s little feet and stubbornly covering it’s face with it’s hands.  The technician commented that the baby was being shy but I think that the gentle pressure of the scan was not appreciated. Understandably! I love to envision the baby all snuggled up inside of me as I’m moving through my daily life and especially when I fall asleep at night. It must be a rather rude interruption to have your cozy little home poked at in a Dr.’s office! That said, as far as the scans go I really love them. It’s such a magical moment to peer inside this special little world. And it has been absolutely amazing to compare the growth over the last couple of months. At my first ultrasound the baby looked like a tiny little pea with a heart beat and now there is this the gorgeous little person dancing, moving and growing in there!

Of course listening to the heartbeat is probably the biggest treat of all. I love to hear how fast and powerful it is! And they say that the baby is soothed by the sound of it’s mother’s heartbeat in the womb. Two hearts in one!

With love! xoxoMary Helen