Ballet Baby - 28 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello Beauties!

At 28 weeks I am now officially in the third trimester and the final homestretch of my pregnancy. It is beyond exciting to know how close I now am to meeting this beautiful little baby! And as a first time mom, it’s a bit scary too. There is so much unknown ahead!

I have a feeling that I can’t even really fathom the way that my life will change when my little bundle arrives. Sleepless nights, baby bottles, feedings, and of course, so much love!! I’ve always envisioned some part of myself as a mother but it always felt so far away. The closer I get to the due date, the more excited I am.

Even though I just entered the third trimester, my body already feels totally different. Much like the first part of my pregnancy, I can tell that my body needs extra sleep and rest and I don’t have as much energy as I did in the second trimester. This part feels familiar, more like the first three months but less exaggerated, thank goodness! The urge to nest is also kicking into high gear. It’s totally normal to fantasize about cleaning out your closets, the kitchen cabinets and reorganizing and sorting through pretty much every aspect of your home, right?

I just saw my Doctor this morning and got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat again which is my favorite part of every visit! My baby bump feels like it’s growing at what must be a record speed but they assured me that all looks healthy and normal. As my bump gets bigger it feels heavier too, especially in the low part of my stomach! I’m so thankful to say that this is the only real discomfort that I’ve had. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary part of adjusting to the baby’s growth and my body’s changes in preparation for childbirth. The baby is still dancing nonstop in there but now I’m beginning to be able to tell if I’m getting poked with a little foot or a larger part of the back or head. I also experienced my first case of in utero hiccups last week which was a bit scary at first because the thumping was so rhythmic and different from the other movement that I’ve felt.

All in all I’m incredibly thankful to be feeling so healthy and strong. And I’m still 100% blown away by the miraculous fact that my body is creating and nurturing another human life as I type this post. There really is so much beauty in this world!

With endless love,

xoMary Helen