Ballet Beauties!

 We sat down with a couple of our Group Class regulars at our Soho studio to learn more about their Ballet Beautiful journey, and how this workout has changed their bodies and lives. We love hearing stories from our Ballet Beauties, and always encourage you to share your own on social media or by emailing us!

Sabrina de Baets

Sabrina de Baets

1. Why is Ballet Beautiful your go-to workout?

I had a friend randomly bring me into a BB class. I love it because it really works on what matters... Who wouldn’t want slimmer legs, a tighter butt, sculpted abs & arms?

2. How has BB changed your body & lifestyle?

I have never felt stronger and happier than when I'm doing these targeted workouts. And nothing beats my Ballet Beautiful sessions with my family when we’re on holiday! The online videos are awesome for that.

3. What is one of your most memorable moments from your BB journey?

When I started doing Ballet Beautiful my husband jokingly asked me if I was having an affair... I was coming home with a glowing smile on my face, a light sweat, looking super happy! Needless to say that was a major transformation from my postpartum hormonal fireworks.

Not only does Ballet Beautiful just make me happy, it also makes me look better and feel younger and stronger.

Jess Goodacre

Jess Goodacre

1. What do you love about working out at Ballet Beautiful?

I really enjoy BB because it has helped strengthen all my muscles. I’m not so keen on the gym. I find that this is great because you can do it from anywhere and you really feel your whole body working throughout the classes. It’s an amazing feeling afterwards.

2. How has BB changed your body & lifestyle?

When I was growing up I did horse riding every day. I find since leaving school and not being able to do that as often, it has affected my posture and it hasn’t been as great. Ballet Beautiful has definitely helped me with that, which has been really wonderful.

In terms of flexibility, I would get very sore, particularly when sitting or standing for long during the day for work. It has definitely helped me in that regard. Now I feel amazing!

3. Share a memorable moment from your BB journey

When I first came to studio classes, I think I lasted like maybe half a class. It was definitely challenging. But it’s very relaxed and you don’t feel singled out, which is very lovely. You just do your best!

I knew it was working when my friends who really struggle at the gym saw me and were like, "Oh my gosh? What have you been doing?"

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