Ballet Beautiful Buzz #10

Listen: You Must Remember This Podcast

It is so much fun to listen to this podcast! It shares the inside secrets and stories from Hollywood's Golden Age. All the episodes are well researched and involve great storytelling. It is fascinating to hear what happened behind the scenes during this iconic time period. We always find ourselves completely sucked in and looking forward to the next episode. If you love classic movies, history or interesting gossip, we highly recommend this podcast!

Watch: Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan & Wonder Woman

We have two great movies for you! If you are in NYC - we recommend the new Wendy Whelan film called Restless Creature. Wendy is an incredible ballerina who danced with the New York City Ballet for 30 years! See this film for a night of beautiful dancing performances and an inside look at the determination and hard work that takes place behind the scenes.

AND of course we are very excited about Wonder Woman! It is about time we had a female superhero movie! It is great to see the incredible reviews it has received and its box office performance. Not only is it such a great story, the message it sends and how empowering it is for women and girls is all around wonderful!

Make: Summer Berry Trifle or Cobbler

We love using fresh berries in the Summer since they are finally in season. They are such a great way to enjoy a sweet, healthy treat. We are currently obsessed with our Red, White, and Blue "Trifle" from our Memorial Day Dishes post -- you can find the recipe here. Another great treat we love to make is a fresh berry cobbler. Enjoy!


We are excited about Alexa Chung's new clothing line! We love seeing what Alexa is wearing because she always puts her own unique touch on any outfit. Her style is distinctive and personal, so we are glad that we can now find all things Alexa in one spot! We personally love her dresses and mini skirts. Check out the full line here.