Ballet Beautiful Buzz #14

BEAUTY: Sunscreen

It's August and the Summer heat is still scorching! Sunscreen is a part of our beauty routines all year around, but it is critical during the Summer. Mary Helen has shared her love of sunscreen and how important it is for taking care of her skin and maintaining a youthful glow. She loves to wear a strong SPF to protect her fair and sensitive skin usually opting for 30+ SPF and wearing it even if it's pouring rain or cloudy outside. One of her favorites is Supergoop Broad Spectrum 50 SPF or Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30. Her philosophy is that the better we take care of our skin now, the fewer problems we will have later. So bring on the SPF!

READ: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

We love a fun, light-hearted read during the Summer and this book is just that! It's the perfect beach read that will bring a smile to your face and make you laugh. The story centers around Eleanor Oliphant - an eccentric, strange loner whose life begins to completely change when she meets Raymond and starts to open herself up to people. It's a beautiful touching story about the importance of human connection and friendship.

WEAR: White

White is the uniform of the Summer and we have so many pretty white leotards! We are currently obsessed with our Capsleeve Leotard, Mesh-Trimmed Halter Leotard and Sweetheart Half-Sleeve Leotard - which are all available in white. We love to wear them with high waisted denim shorts for a casual outing, or with a flowy skirt for a romantic summer evening. These fresh looks always add a touch of ballerina chic to any outfit.

LISTEN: Girlboss Radio 

Looking for a new podcast that is empowering and inspiring? We've got you covered! Girlboss Radio has three different podcasts which focus on: women's career advice, mental health and self-help. As a woman-run company, it's always great to hear about other women bosses who are forging their own path and creating change as well as ways we can better take care of ourselves emotionally and mentally. No matter which show we listen to on Girlboss Radio, we are always left with a helpful takeaway.