Ballet Beautiful Buzz #6

Watch: The Olympics

We are so excited about the Summer Olympics! It is so much fun to root for your country and your favorite athletes. Not to mention, watching these incredible athletes compete is so impressive! It reminds you of the amazing capabilities of the human body. We are taking advantage of this global occasion by picking our favorite events and inviting friends over so we can all enjoy and cheer on USA together! 

Read: The Invention of Wings

This beautiful story is based on historical fiction and centers around a special and unlikely friendship that forms between a slave and her wealthy owner. It follows their journeys over the next thirty five years as they both strive for a life of their own, dramatically shaping each other’s destinies and forming a beautiful, complex relationship that involves guilt, estrangement and the difficulties of love. This novel is a wonderfully written, moving piece that touches upon American history from the viewpoint of women.

Do: Meditate

New York is such a busy and hectic city, setting aside some time to calm down and center yourself is very helpful and necessary. We have read about the amazing benefits of meditation and have wanted to get started but we just didn’t know where to begin! We did some research and learned that there are some wonderful meditation apps that are extremely helpful in making meditation a part of your daily life. This article from Well+Good provides a great breakdown of some of the apps.

Move: Count your Steps

Take advantage of the nice weather to get in some extra steps! We have had a little challenge going on at the Ballet Beautiful studio on who can take the most steps in a day and it has been a fun way to get in some extra movement. It has motivated us to get outside and do something healthy instead of watching another tv episode! Most smart phones show you the amount of steps you have taken so it is very easy to keep track of the movement, just make sure to take your phone with you so you don’t miss any precious steps!