Ballet Beautiful Buzz #7

See: The Rockettes

One of the most remarkable shows during holiday season is The Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the iconic Rockettes. It is a beautiful and dynamic show and the Rockettes are absolutely incredible. It is extra special to the Ballet Beautiful team because two of our BB trainers – Samantha and Jackie – are Rockettes! As you can imagine, this makes us even more excited to go see them perform! If you are in NYC, we highly recommend it as it is a show that everyone will enjoy. If you are not in NYC, you can watch the show.

Make: Healthy Apple Recipes

At Ballet Beautiful we love our apples! We always have our favorite varieties in the studio as a healthy snack and we also love finding ways to incorporate them into our meals. If you are looking for new ways to include apples in your meals check out our recent blog post on our Favorite Fall Apple Recipes. They are easy, tasty ways to enjoy this in-season fruit!

Wear: Legwarmers

Legwarmers are the perfect cold winter accessory because they instantly make any outfit look ballerina chic! They keep your muscles warm while working out, and look just as adorable paired with streetwear as they do in the studio. Check out our Fall Ballerina Style Guide to learn how we like to wear our Ballet Beautiful activewear from the studio to the streets in the colder months and how you can do it too.

Read: The Happy Cook by Daphne Oz

We enjoy discovering healthy and timesaving recipes, which is why we are currently obsessed with Daphne Oz’s new cookbook, The Happy Cook! The recipes are delicious and easy to pull together on a weeknight. They truly feel like you are adding a touch of gourmet to your everyday life. Daphne understands how our lives are busy and knows how to make flavorful meals fit into our hectic schedules.