Ballet Beautiful Buzz #8

Read: Swing Time by Zadie Smith

This book is such a great read! It is based on two young girls who dream of being dancers, but only one has talent. They have a close but complicated friendship, and as they get older their lives take them on different paths. The book touches upon race, class and status to delve into each person’s life in this beautifully written novel. Zadie Smith is such an incredible writer and this book will definitely not disappoint.

Watch: La La Land

We know, we know, everyone is talking about this movie! But we still can’t help being obsessed with it. We loved all the singing and dancing, and it was so fun to see a musical made and set in today’s world. If you haven’t seen it, treat yourself to this dazzling movie with beautiful music, dancing and choreography! And if you have already seen it, we have enjoyed listening to the soundtrack on our commute – it is sure to put you in an upbeat mood!

Listen: Modern Love Podcast

We love this podcast! It is based on the super popular NY Times column – Modern Love, which is a collection of reader submitted essays on love and relationships. The podcast consists of notable personalities like Katie Couric, Colin Farrell, and January Jones reading these stories with updates from the essayists themselves. The podcast is so touching and beautiful, and we love that they are based on true relationship stories.

Wear: Dreamy Gowns

We love gowns and Marchesa’s dreamy, lady like designs for their Spring 2017 collection have inspired us to look for something gorgeous and airy to wear when the weather finally changes! Check your local vintage shop or take a look at our Make the Runway Look Your Own for sleek feminine leotards you can pair with flowing skirts or tutus to recreate the look.