Ballet Beautiful Cardio

Inside our Cardio Series 

Ballet Beautiful is famous for our transformational toning and mat workouts but did you know that we have an incredible world of heart pumping Cardio exercises too? I love the way that our cardio workouts strengthen, tone and BURN. They take your Ballet Beautiful results to the next level without a lot of unnecessary pounding and stress on the body and joints.

You do not need to punish your body to make a serious impact with your training. Before I began Ballet Beautiful I tried every workout available - spinning, running, kick boxing and none of it gave me the results I wanted. Everything that I was doing then inflamed and irritated my body, leaving me frustrated and uninspired.

I created our Ballet Beautiful cardio workouts as a way to transform my body through a cardio series that would leave me feeling strengthened and uplifted. Exercise and particularly cardio should be a source of stress relief for the body. We want Ballet Beautiful to make you feel fantastic, less stressed and stronger too.

When it comes to cardio I like a mix of low and high impact exercises, depending on how my body is feeling. Our low impact cardio like our Lunge Series [Side Lunge Cardio] and Plié Workout [Second Position Plié Burn] are great for almost every stage because of the way that it strengthens the body without impact or stress.

When I’m looking for a bigger burn and to increase my heart rate, our higher impact workouts like the Allegra Series and petite allegro are ideal. They incorporate full body movements plus a light jump to intensify the movements. The results from these workouts are amazing! When my body is up for a serious challenge and I’m working to tighten things up these workouts are essential to me!

Below is a playlist of some of my favorite Cardio Workouts. You can play these videos individually, use them together or add one or two into your next Custom Workout.

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Ballet Beautiful Cardio Playlist

I love this workout as a warm up or cool down! It’s a terrific introduction to our standing exercises and provides lots of insights on placement and form.

Second Position Plié Burn
This workout provides amazing toning for the legs, butt and core. The light weights add challenge, making it more cardio vascular than our typical plié workout!

CARDIO: Allegra Workout
This video is a great intro to our higher impact cardio! Get ready for some heart pumping burn!

Side Lunge Cardio
I love the burn from this targeted, low impact workout! Get ready for amazing toning, heart pumping session!

Full Body Cardio Burn
This workout heats up your muscles with very little impact. It’s a wonder addition to a mat based playlist or as part of a bigger cardio workout.