Ballet Beautiful Essentials


Over the last few years Ballet Beautiful has grown tremendously (thanks to YOU!) and our library of videos and collection of activewear is now bigger and better than ever. We’ve rounded up some of our fundamental and best-selling workouts and apparel in this guide designed for new-comers looking for a place to start as well as experienced Beauties who want to complete and improve their collection. Take a peek at some of our favorite Ballet Beautiful essentials below!


Ballet Beautiful Streaming Video

Streaming Videos

Beginning Ballet Beautiful Mat:
Designed for beginners looking for an introduction to the BB method!

Ballet Beautiful Body 15 Minutes:
One of our original and best-selling workouts: tone and tighten your entire body in just 15 minutes! Perfect for days when you’re short on time.

Ballet Beautiful Stretch Bundle:
This has consistently been a favorite among BB Beauties. These three videos perfectly supplement any Ballet Beautiful workout to stretch and elongate tight muscles and improve your results!

Ballet Beautiful Basics Bundle:
Designed for those looking for more dance-based focus, this bundle includes three videos that teach classical ballet moves.


Essential Ballerina Bundle:
The name says it all! Two full-body workouts that focus on the core principals of Ballet Beautiful: stretching & toning mat work and fat-burning standing cardio!


Ballet Beautiful Activewear

Halter Leotard:
One of our most classic and flattering leotards, this is a favorite for workouts as well as street style!

Cut-Out Cami Leotard  
Sleek, sophisticated, flattering, and perfect for warm weather or layering under wrap tops.

Anyone who has these tights will tell you: they are the best! Perfectly thick and just the right amount of opaque, these will never run or tear and are an essential part of a ballerina’s ensemble.

Mesh Ballet Wrap:
Ultra chic and flattering, this is the perfect layering piece for staying warm or elevating your workout style.

Mesh Skirt:
Complete the ballerina look with our mesh mini wrap skirt, available in several colors to perfectly complement your outfit.

Pull-On Slippers:
Our most basic and elegantly simple footwear quickly and easily slips on your feet and are designed specifically for our workouts.