Your Ballet Beautiful Journey - Part 3

Part 3 of Your Ballet Beautiful Journey is here! Get inspired by these incredible BB success stories and keep sharing your stories with us! We always love hearing from our BB community and enjoy celebrating and encouraging each other.

xoxo — The Ballet Beautiful Team

Mathilde Heinrich

I started Ballet Beautiful in January 2011 to complete my ballerina experience already filled with contemporary dance classes for 18 years. I wanted more physical toning in my dance routine, which is why I started to look for a gym method based on dance and with a poetic and creative dimension.

From the beginning of my Ballet Beautiful training I gained muscle and I gained the body that I always wanted and dreamed of.

In September 2014 I started to gain weight due to personal problems and bulimia, and  I stopped Ballet Beautiful. I started doing Ballet Beautiful again in March 2016 after attending the Ballet Beautiful class at Colette in Paris. This session gave me new hopes and motivation to get back to my ballerina body and ever since this session I started my healthy lifestyle again and my Ballet Beautiful workouts. I have almost lost all the weight that I gained thanks to the Ballet Beautiful method that always cheers me up. It’s a fun and happy way to take care of yourself and your beauty. Thanks a lot to Mary Helen for this beautiful gym method that is perfect for ballerinas like me.

Ballet Beautiful has helped me be happy and beautiful and it’s a very important part of my life. Thank you so much everyone at Ballet Beautiful. Sending you love and friendship from Paris.

Kristen Dawes

First I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Mary Helen and her Ballet Beautiful workouts! I am completely devoted to BB and my morning workout. I joined the Custom Workout about 3 months ago and my body has completely changed. Truly. I’ve always been physically active from pilates, to cross-fit type workouts to running…the list goes on, but I could never achieve the look I wanted with those exercises. BB has given me a tight, fit, feminine body…one that is strong but lithe. I love feeling like a ballerina every morning when I workout. Mary Helen has a wonderful presence and she inspires me to keep going even when I’m tired. With each video I love seeing what she’s wearing and how beautifully her hair is done. The studios she films in are also gorgeous and refined. It’s the simple things.

My favorite workouts are the ideal/full body, which I do 5-6 days a week. Aside from the physical benefits, I have also noticed that my mind feels sharper. I had never danced in my life so doing all of the ballet moves were new to me and I think having to constantly think about what my body was doing and making subtle changes to improve has sharpened my mind and given me a new energy. The best part of all is that being a mom of two younger children, I have the ability to work out at any time no matter if their schedules change or if something comes up. The workout can always fit into my day!

Rachel Martin

At six months postpartum I started doing only one 10 minute postpartum Ballet Beautiful video per day. At nine months I’m now up to an hour (or whatever I can squeeze into baby’s nap time) six days a week. I’ve seen amazing changes already, including a loss of two inches in my hips and stomach! I have lots more energy throughout my day as well. Thanks Ballet Beautiful!