The Ballet Beautiful Kitchen

I am constantly asked about my diet. What do I eat, what should my clients eat, and does working out even count if you aren’t dieting? My personal feeling is that dieting is the worst and a total waste of time.  I am convinced that all of the obsession with calories and restricting food just makes us unhappy and confuses the body in the end.

I look at nutrition very much like working out — a great way to nourish the body and enhance your health, from the inside out!  Below are a few studio favorites and examples of quick, healthy snacks we always keep here at Ballet Beautiful!

Avocado Crisps – Avocado is full of healthy fats that make the hair and skin glow and keep your digestion humming. Pair with a whole grain crackers, tomatoes and organic greens.

Organic Hummus – Made from pureed chick peas and olive oil, hummus is a great garnish on a meal or healthy snack!  Pair with organic veggies like raw baby carrots for a quick healthy bite.

Green Tea – Green tea is a favorite for it’s high antioxidants and metabolism boosting abilities.

Tomato Soup – Soup is my favorite way to heat up in cold months. I love tomato soup but always look for one that is low in sugar and cream! Organic vegan soups are a great choice if you are diary free.

Lemon Water – It doesn’t get any simpler than this! Add a few lemon slices to your water glass for a yummy at home spa water.

Dark chocolate, orange slices and almonds – This sweet combo packs a serious antioxidant punch!  A few squares of dark chocolate are balanced out by the protein and fat in almonds. Also a little sweet vitamin c in fresh orange slices pairs perfectly with that hot cup of green tea!

Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look in the BB kitchen! What are your favorite #BalletBeautiful meals?

xoxo Mary Helen