Ballet Beautiful Quick Tip: Maximize Your Swan Arms® Cardio

Hello Beauties! Summer is in full swing and we are all about showing off our gorgeous Swan Arms and beautiful posture.

Here is a fun how-to video that we made to help you maximize your Swan Arms and get the most out of our fun new Swan Arms cardio DVD.

We love the Swan Arms Cardio workout because it offers awesome toning, targeted mat work and a really challenging, low impact cardio section that will have you moving and looking like a ballerina in no time! Check it out and let us know if you feel a difference in your next workout! And remember to keep in mind our top 3 principles for great technique and results:

1. BEAUTIFUL POSTURE – Think long through the neck, like a swan!
2. ENGAGE YOUR CORE – Always pull in tight through the stomach and center to keep the core engaged and strong.
3. FIND A TRUE BEND AND STRETCH OF THE KNEES – Ballet is all about extending the body through space. Use a proper plie and then elongate your limbs with each movement to sculpt true ballerina muscles.

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Swan Arms ®: Cardio (New! 60 minutes Full body Workout)