Ballet Beautiful Recharge

Sometimes the biggest barrier to our health and fitness goals is our own state of mind. Fear, frustration, a desire to wait to begin exercising until we lose a little weight or have more time and energy...whatever the reason, when it comes to working out it is easy to find a reason not to make it happen. 

I understand because I've been there. I've gained and lost weight over the years, been harassed and shamed about my body. Those external circumstances caused a lot of inner turmoil for me. I've suffered dance injuries and illness. I've placed my entire self worth into how I looked, and discounted how that made me feel. I have looked at my body and felt pain, confusion, even hate. I am thankful to say that with my Ballet Beautiful program and a lot of hard work, I have learned to love and appreciate my body and all that it does for me, particularly now that I am a mother of three magical baby girls.  

My youngest daughter, Rosabella, is now 6.5 months old. When I began thinking about how to reintroduce exercise into my life after her birth this spring, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was anxious to begin working out and training but tight on time and far from my peak shape.  We filmed our Body Recharge Series when Rosabella was four months old.  I created this program to meet you where you are RIGHT NOW.  Body Recharge is a tool to help anyone that has taken a break from fitness get back at it, and begin the process of building tone, stamina and strength. These workouts are some of my personal favorites for after the birth of a baby, an injury or any sort of pause in working out. I can’t wait to join you as we recharge together!