Ballet Class Progression and your Ballet Beautiful Workout!

Hi Beauties,

The art of classical ballet is based upon a daily physical practice and discipline. While there are variations in one's daily ballet class and training, a basic framework exists that is followed by both the newest learner and the most experienced professional dancer.
The progression of a dance class is formulaic. The daily practice is built upon a method of warming up and strengthening key ballet muscles through technical steps and movements using repetition. As the class progresses, the steps become more challenging, the legs lift higher, the speed increases. One begins with plies [add accent on the e] at the barre followed by tendusdégagés, ronde de jambes, relevés, port de bras, balance checks, fondus, battements, adagio movements, and stretches. When barre is finished (typically 30-45 minutes in length), the series is repeated in the center, often en pointe, mixing in "across the floor" exercises that allow for more movement along with small and large jumps (petit and grand allegro).
Ballet Beautiful mimics many of these key elements of a dancer's daily training. Repetition. Progression. Burn. Many of our workouts begin slowly, targeting and strengthening key ballet muscles that dancers use in everyday training. We often start our training on the mat, targeting and strengthening as we build ballet specific muscle and tone. Once the body is warm and ready, I like to move to barre work and low-impact cardio exercises and standing work in the center, tapping into and using fundamental ballet muscles through it all. While every Ballet Beautiful workout does not progress from stretching to mat work, barre to cardio, I am excited to share an example below in our Classical Ballet Class Style sample workout below. Check it out along with my more in-depth YouTube video where I break it all down. Have a beautiful workout!!

Mary Helen