Ballet For Life Giveaway Winners!

Thank you so much to all the Ballet Beauties who participated in the Ballet For Life Giveaway! We received so many amazing entries that it was difficult as always to select our winners. Learning about how you live a Ballet Beautiful Life is incredibly inspiring. We are extremely grateful to have such a strong and supportive community. Thank you all!

We are thrilled to share the winning entries with the rest of the community and celebrate each other together. Without further ado - congratulations to: Ginevra (@ginevraheld), Kristie (@kb1920), Christhina (@xtheenuh) and Jamie (@bearcreekhollowhomestead)!

Ginevra @ginevraheld: "That’s the inherent beauty of Ballet Beautiful it is the ultimate in grace and strength, powerful but feminine."

Kristie @kb1920: "Ballet Beautiful workout under the tree tonight, keeping in the holiday mood with Sugarplum on the Mat❄ "

Christhina @xtheenuh: "EVERYDAY ROUTINE: Wake up. Lupus morning meds. Morning beauty care routine. Breakfast. Go to work. Lunch. Come back home. Stretch my #BalletBeautiful muscles. Ballet Beautiful custom workout hour. Shower. Dinner. Evening lupus meds. Sleep. Repeat!"

Jamie @bearcreekhollowhomestead: "I'm a wife, mama, and farm girl... I'm blessed and busy and most times have hay on me! I LOVE how Ballet Beautiful keeps me strong and still feel like a graceful woman."