Ballet: A Love Story

Ballet…a love story!

There’s not a doubt in my mind that ballet was my first true love.

I’ve been completely obsessed with dancing for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I danced everywhere I went; through the neighborhood, across the kitchen floor, down the aisles of the grocery store with my mom…it was as natural as walking for me but way more fun! I was (am?!) an incredibly girly girl so I always loved the beauty of ballet. Pink slippers, frothy tutus, flowers in the hair…what more does a girl need? By age sixteen I was living solo in NYC and performing with one of the top dance companies in the world. It’s nerdy to admit this but as a teenager I wasn’t thinking about boys and dating, I was thinking about Balanchine! For me ballet always came first. Today I love finding ways to share my passion for ballet with others, and mixing the artistry and athleticism of ballet with fitness, wellness, & health!

Join me this week to celebrate the beauty in ballet, and hopefully, your love of it too! Here’s a look back at my own little love story across the years. xoxoMH