Ballet Street Style Tips from the BB Trainers!

If anyone is an expert in Ballet street style it is our BB trainers! They are constantly wearing their Ballet Beautiful activewear from their BB training sessions or dance rehearsals to the streets of NYC.

Since Ballerina inspired fashion is one of the hottest trends this season we wanted to share a roundup of how they rock their ballet clothes from the studio the streets. Hope you find them helpful and please share with us your favorite ways to rock this trend!

“My favorite dancewear to wear out in cooler weather are my legwarmers! I pair them with boots and jeans and love how comfortable and cute they look and feel.” – Lucy

“I love to wear my black tights and a leotard with a pair of jean shorts and a light jacket. It’s stylish and I can easily transition into a session!” – Brittany

“I often rock any of the leotards with high waisted skirts or trousers. It’s a sleek, useful look that never fails to turn heads.” – Danielle

“I like to wear my Ballet Beautiful black mesh leotard with high-waisted shorts or skinny jeans when I leave the studio.” – Alexandra

I often wear a pair of shorts or jeans over my leotard and like this I have my outfit for the day. Sometimes I add a ballet wrap when it’s chilly. It’s elegant, comfortable and practical.” – Dioni