BB Playlist Winners!

Hi Ballet Beauties! Thank you so much to all of you who participated in our first ever Playlist Competition. We were so thrilled and overwhelmed with all of the submissions we received - it was almost impossible to choose just a few winners! Below are four of our favorite playlists; if you don’t see yours here, stay tuned! We’ll be sharing the rest in future posts.

Congratulations Alisa, Sheila, Lisa, and Katelyn. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by their workout playlists!

Ballerina Training - Ballet centered workout

Name: Alisa Ilardo
City: Phoenix, AZ
Playlist Title: Ballerina Training

Allegra Interval : Attitude lift
Allegra Interval : Jete’
Standing Abs
Attitude Blast
Bridal Waist
Ballet Basics Center, Waltz
Ballet Basics Barre, Ronde de
Prima Series: Ronde de Jambe
Inner thigh blast
Ballet Beautiful Body: feet
Full body Power Blast

My playlist is a very Ballet centered workout. Ever since I discovered Ballet Beautiful more than a year ago I have uncovered a serious desire to dance! I love that my playlist focuses on Ballet training and enables me to really feel like my ballet skills are becoming more refined!!!!
I just LOVE it!!

Ballerina Workout - Dance cardio, followed by butt & abs, finish with a long stretch

Name: Sheila
City: Toronto, Canada
Playlist Title: Ballerina Workout

Swan Lake Swan Queen Workout
Ballet Basics: Sleeping Beauty Lilac Fairy
Hip and Thigh Workout
Backstage Abs
Centre Splits

Coming from a background in dance, I absolutely love the more dance inspired workouts which is why I started my playlist with the Swan Queen Workout and Sleeping Beauty Lilac Fairy, I like doing cardio at the beginning of my workouts to warm up. My two focus areas are bum and abs, so I love both the Hip and Thigh Workout (it gives you a dancers bum!) and Backstage Abs, which are very targeted and commit a full fifteen minutes to each of these areas. I then finish with two split videos, because I love finishing my workout with a long stretch! I love my Custom Workout so much and use it five days a week, but I also love using the Personal Playlist option on the sixth day to do all my favourite videos and treat myself to a long stretch.

Gimelli Below The Belt

Name: Lisa Gimelli
City: Montclair, NJ
Playlist Title: Gimelli BELOW THE BELT

Bridge and Ball Workout
Hip and Thigh Workout
Classic Inner Thigh
Butt Series Part 2 (I know, I can't believe it either)
Prima Series Full Body on the Mat
From the backstage DVD: Ballerina stretch

I made this collection that includes two of the hardest videos of all time, bridge/ball and butt 2, to really challenge myself. I have been doing BB fairly religiously for over 3 years, and the fact that I can get through this playlist and live to tell about it just shows how strong I have become. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom :)

Beautiful, Elegant, Graceful, Strong: Ballet Cardio

Name: Katelyn Hoobler
City: Philadelphia, PA
Playlist Title: Beautiful, Elegant, Graceful, Strong: Ballet Cardio

Battement Cardio Series
Bikini Blast
Arabesque Blast
Waltz of the Flowers
Bridal Waist
Bridal Legs
Skyline Abs
Fondu Workout
Curtsy Cardio
Cardio Core
Swan Arms; Cardio
Sugarplum Pique Passe
Ballet Sculpt

I love these cardio workouts for both their ballet principles as well as the toning that is naturally included in the workouts. Many of the workouts, in addition to being a low-impact but fast-paced cardio session, target the abs for me as I improve my balance during the moves and sculpt a strong, lean center. These ballet cardio workouts make me feel strong and get my heart pumping. As my balance improves, my center feels stronger and I feel more graceful and elegant!