BB Trainers Favorite Workout Moves

With the weather warming up and beach season quickly approaching, we turned to our BB trainers for some workout inspiration! We asked them to share their favorite workout moves with us to learn what they do to get in their best shape. Hope you find their tips helpful and please share your favorite BB workouts moves and how you like to get in tip top shape for the Summer!

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Yuki


I love Swan Arms Cardio! This exercise is such a great full body workout.

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Danielle


I absolutely love abs. It really helps with my posture and prevents back pain. When my core feels engaged, I can dance more freely.

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Nicholas


My favorite Ballet Beautiful exercise is anything that works on my abs/strengthens my core.  A strong core is the basis of every movement we do, so there are more benefits to having a strong core than just looks. Even being a dancer, I’ve gained a stronger sense of acknowledgement towards my core from Ballet Beautiful.

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Katelyn


My favorite Ballet Beautiful workout is bridge! It’s such a targeted exercise with endless variations! You can feel it working immediately!

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Dioni


That would definitely be Swan Arms. With or without weights, they give the arms an elegant and toned look, strengthen the upper body and improve posture.

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Lucy


My workout doesn’t feel complete without working the butt and abs, and I especially love the standing work when we get to really dance!

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Brittany


ABS! I would do an entire hour of ab exercises if I could. It’s the best feeling when they’re sore the next day.

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Alexandra


Swan arms! It is a really elegant and graceful ballet move and it is really hard. It tones and sculpts lean arms while building upper body strength and posture!

Ballet Beautiful Trainer Brittney


It’s a close tie between abs and arms.  The combination of having a strong core and upper body is very important for maintaining great posture and a beautiful physique.