#BBQuickTip "Attitude"

Attitude [ a-tee-TEWD]: A position done standing on one leg with the other leg lifted in the air and bent at a right angle.  You can lift the leg to the front, side or back.

In the ballet Sleeping Beauty there is a beautiful scene where Princess Aurora balances en pointe in an attitude position while her suitors promenade her in the court.  Performing this scene requires great strength, balance and perfect form.  Just like Princess Aurora you want to focus on form while performing your attitudes. Your standing leg should be straight and pulled up long through your knee.  The leg that is in the air should be turned out and bent at a 90 degree angle; check in that your bent knee is higher then your toes.  It can be tricky to balance in this position.  To find more stability engage your stomach and relax your upper body.  Attitudes are a great way to tone your back, stomach, legs and glutes.  Try out your new “attitude” with some Ballet Beautiful Attitude Lifts they are sure to make you feel like a princess!