#BB QuickTip Principle #4

Powerful legs with long, lean muscles are one of the key features of a ballet dancers body.  These “ballet muscles” are developed and strengthened through specific training that targets muscles not used in other sports or fitness programs. With the proper focus and training anyone can sculpt their legs with elongated, strong muscles.  One of the most effective ways to build these muscles is to pay close attention to how you use your legs during your Ballet Beautiful workout.

Straight leg – In order to get the best results and build the most strength make sure that you are working with your leg and knee completely straight.  That being said, it should never feel like your knee is locked or gripped.  An image to help you with this is to feel like there is energy in your leg that is reaching all the way through your legs and out your toes.

Bend and Stretch – This action is great for shaping your “ballet legs” and targeting the saggy over-the-knee skin. For the best results make sure your knees are truly bent or straight and you’re not hanging out in position that is in between.  An image to help with this action is to think of pulling your knees up as your legs straighten.  Also imagine that you are moving through a sticky substance like caramel, which will create a more elastic and less static movement.

Think of these tips during your next BB Custom Workout!