Black Swan Workout Playlists
The goal: to shape a ballerina's body and build the strength and muscle tone needed to perform at a high level through ballet-inspired exercises and stretches!
Our Black Swan playlists includes many of the exact same workouts that I used to help Natalie Portman prepare for her award winning role in the film. Natalie and I trained together for over a year before the film went into production to prepare her for the role of a Prima Ballerina starring in the ballet Swan Lake. We worked hard to bring her as close to the rigorous physical training of a pro ballerina as possible, with a focus on shaping and strengthening her body to look and move like a professional ballerina.
Natalie and I trained for 5 hours a day, 6 days a week leading up to the film using a high intensity combination of Ballet Beautiful exercises, swimming for cross training, along with daily ballet class, pointe work and choreography. Below are 3 mini playlists that are intense and demanding, just like Natalie's role.
The exercises below focus on building the muscles that dancers use in their every day training. They engage just about every muscle in your body while strengthening and adding grace.
Depending on your fitness level and goals, you can mix in these Black Swan workouts with your regular Ballet Beautiful playlist for extra pow; or try my complete Black Swan playlists below!
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Workout One

Ab Workout for a Slim Waistline

Lean Legs & Buns

Lean & Firm Inner Thighs

Lean Hips and Outer Thigh Workout

Long and Lean Arms

Total Body Standing Series

Swan Arms - 7 Minutes


Workout Two:

Ballet Beautiful Body - Feet

Tendu Degage at the Barre

Ballet Beautiful Body - Posture

Ballet Beautiful Body - Flexibility

15 minute Ballet Beautiful Body

Swan Arms - the Classic


Workout Three:

Plie Releve

Butt Series - Part 1

Butt series - Part 2

Weightless Arms workout

Bridge and Ball Workout