Booty-Lifting Barre Workouts

If you are looking for serious lift and tone on the back of the legs and butt, our Barre workouts are just the thing! Ballet inspired exercises like attitude lifts, pliés, and lunges engage and tone in all the right places. We love  these exercises and so do our Ballet Beauties around the world because they get deep into the muscles, build strength, and sculpt. Dance experience and equipment is not required. If you don't have a barre at home or in your office use the wall, a chair, or even a windowsill!

Keep in mind that each of these movements is a only small part of a larger workout! For maximum results stream the full work linked below and practice these exercises a minimum of 3 days/week! Have a beautiful workout! xoxo

If you are a Custom Workout subscriber you can find all of these workouts in your streaming library. These select videos are also available for individual purchase by following the links below!

Body Recharge Barre Tone

Body Recharge Barre Tone

Daily Dance: Barre

Essential Ballerina: Ballet Barre