Bosu Ball Bonus Workout

Hi Beauties,

Incorporating a Bosu dome into your at-home workouts is a great way to add challenge and burn! The dome adds lift and destabilization to each movement. It is a great tool for working on balance and overall strength! Many of our Custom Workout streaming videos feature a Bosu dome - see the list below - and the dome is a frequent companion in Ballet Beautiful's Private Client Training services.

Ballet Beautiful NYC, Master Trainer Nicholas shares some favorite Bosu moves below to heat up and intensify your Ballet Beautiful workouts!

Bridge Series
Bosu Ball adds instant burn to a Ballet Beautiful bridge series. When using the Bosu Ball with a bridge, keep your feet completely flat on the ball. Place both feet on top of the dome and pull the dome in towards your hips. If the dome starts to slip away from your hips, lower down and pull the dome back into your hips. Using the dome for bridge workouts will really engage your core since you're feet are not balanced on a flat surface.

Abs Series
You can use a Bosu Ball for a more challenging ab series. Since the dome isn’t a stable surface, you’ll really have to engage your core in order to keep your balance. Sitting on top of the dome, extend your legs out, just like you would for an ab series on the mat. Start with your belly button pulled in, chin lifted, neck long and take your torso back while scooping out through your core. Challenge yourself with the dome when doing any ab workout in our Custom Workout Streaming Library.

Hands/Knees Series
Using the dome in this hands and knees series will require you to stabilize your supporting leg to help you balance. There are two options for using the Bosu Ball in a hands/knees series. First, place your forearms on top of the dome with both knees on the ground in your starting position. I find this position to be more challenging for the core since you’re essentially in a plank position and only have your supporting leg connecting you to the ground. Second, place both hands on the mat in front of the dome with your supporting leg on the top of it. In this position, you have to make sure your supporting side is staying active to keep your balance. In either position, think about lifting up through your supporting side, keep your shoulders down, and don’t arch in the lower back.

Including a Bosu Ball can help you enhance your Ballet Beautiful core workouts and the challenge will leave you feeling stronger and leaner. I can't wait to see you in our next Live Online Group Class!

Have a beautiful day!


To challenge yourself and feel that great, core burn add Bridge Lifts on the Dome, Supermodel Balance Building, and Body Recharge 2: Full Body Mat from your Custom Workout Streaming Library to your Ballet Beautiful workout playlist.