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Cardio Refresh & Sculpt Challenge

Cardio Refresh & Sculpt Challenge

Hi Beauties,

Our March Challenge launches Monday, March 8, and I hope that you can join us! I’ve lined up 14-days of serious sculpting with a mix of high and low intensity cardio to refresh and recharge our 2021 training! There’s a lot of terrific stretching layered in, plus two rest days to help with recovery.

This Challenge is of higher intensity than some of our others, largely because of the cardio focus. It's similar to a boot camp style approach- designed to deliver serious burn and results in a short time period. If you want to join us but find the workouts to be too intense, I want to help you modify! Always listen to your body, take extra breaks for water and stretching, and even skip some of the harder cardio workouts altogether if they feel too tough. We are all at different levels and places in our lives and training, and that is ok! It's important to tune into your body and what works for YOU.

We'll be kicking off this challenge on Monday, March 8 but you can start anytime. If you are a Custom Workout Subscriber and are in the middle of another challenge, not to worry - you can begin this challenge at any time! If you haven’t subscribed to Ballet Beautiful Custom Workout yet, sign up today to join us as we build Ballet Beautiful strength and stamina! Below is the full Subscriber Challenge playlist. Remember to search your Streaming Library for the workouts. If you are not yet a member, subscribe today and use the calendar below to get started!

To create each day's playlist, simply search the video by title in your streaming library and click to play.

If you have any questions, kindly email for assistance.

Remember to tag @balletbeautiful and use #CardioandSculptChallenge so we can follow along!

Comment below your Challenge experience and help us connect our Ballet Beauties!

Have a beautiful workout!

Love, Mary Helen

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