Challenge Tips for the Week Ahead!

Beauties! Doing this challenge with all of you has been so much fun! Below are a few of my thoughts on how to stay on track and get it all done each week, along with some questions that I have seen that I want to answer. Hope all of this information is helpful. Wishing everyone an AMAZING Week 2 of the 2019 Challenge! We've got this :)


Mary Helen

What is the best way to follow along with the workouts each day? 

You can follow along each day in one of two ways:

1. Try searching for each individual video in the Streaming Library, which has a search bar, and play them from there!

2. The second option is to use our “Create A Playlist” feature, one of our favorite and most popular features of the subscription! We recommend creating individual mini playlists for each day or week, whichever works best for you. We would also encourage you to use COMMAND + F to easily find the videos you need. To reorganize the order of the videos when creating a playlist, make sure to click and drag on the titles (not the images) to move them around!


Some people have asked why this challenge only has 4-5 days of workouts instead of the 5-6 day that we have used for Challenges in the past. Since this is our first 4 -week Challenge I wanted to be mindful of the length and intensity and create something that would feel both balanced and achievable for our members around the world. If you have more time and want to add a day each week I would recommend repeating the first workout if the week on day 6.

Can I break it up?

If you don’t have a full hour at once (the playlist for days 1-4 each week are approximately 60 min), feel free to break up the workouts throughout the day based on what works best for you. While I prefer a full hour workout, I know that it isn’t always doable. The most important thing is to get it done!

What if I miss a day?

Don’t panic! Add it in tomorrow or as soon as you can.

What if a certain video or movement doesn’t feel right to my body?

For example, if you recently had a baby the ab work here may be too challenging. It is fine to make modifications to the workouts based on your individual needs. I would recommend either changing the exercise to work for you (ex: drop the weights if your neck is sensitive), or swap out that particular video for one that does feel good. With Ballet Beautiful I work my inner and outer thighs almost daily. You can always swap things around based on how your body feels!

What if the challenge already started but I want to join?

There are two options here: 1, start on week 1, day 1 and you can follow along but on a slight delay. This absolutely works!! 2. If you want to join us exactly where we are, jump in TODAY and add the missing days at the end of the challenge. It’s not too late to get started!