Your Custom Workout FAQs Answered

Our first “Ask Mary Helen” blog post covering FAQs about our New Custom Workout!

Hello Beauties! 

We have received such great feedback from you about our New Custom Workout from TwitterFacebook, our website since its launch and we are SO elated everyone is spreading the word and loving the program. If anyone is still researching, on the fence or has not heard much about it yet (how could you not!) here are a few FAQs from our clients. If you have any other questions please leave it in the comment box below.

 – What makes the online Custom Workout customized?

The Custom Workout program acts as a virtual personal trainer. It takes your proclaimed fitness goals and availability and builds a workout schedule of our streaming videos based on what you want to accomplish.

– What are the benefits if I already own the DVDs and streaming videos?

If you already own the DVDs and the streaming videos then the Custom Workout is a great way of tying everything together to get the most out of Ballet Beautiful. If you own the Total Body Workout DVD, of which all content is exclusive, you will be able to add to your experience with new videos. If you own individual streaming videos or the Body Blast/Blast Series DVDs then the Custom Workout is the perfect complement by adding to your library and piecing together the videos in one, personalized workout schedule.

– For whom is the custom workout best suited?

The Custom Workout is perfect for everyone! You can access your account and the videos from any where in the world, 24/7, from any compatible computer and mobile device. It is customized to your level and to your fitness goals so it is perfect for beginners experimenting with our method or for existing Ballet Beauties looking to narrow their focus and enhance their results.

– How do I access the videos?

Once you buy the Custom Workout subscription you can access your workout plan through your online account and play the videos right from the schedule. You can also access all videos from our Streaming Library whenever you need to.

– I have not yet bought the Custom Workout, so where can I find the streaming videos I already own?

The Custom Workout gives you unlimited access to our entire library of streaming videos but if you are still debating jumping in, don’t worry your videos are still there! You will always have access to your purchased streaming videos and you can find them now in your account’s profile under both “Portfolio” and “Streaming Library.”

– How often can I change to workout?

You have the ability to change your Custom Workout schedule as often and as many times as you wish. If, during your month, you feel like switching up focus from your limbs to your abs you can update your preferences and immediately get a new workout. We are also adding 2 NEW videos each month that will be rotated into the program.

– What if I can’t do all the exercises?

Modify and practice! It’s ok to take longer rests between sets and to modify an exercise if it is harder in the beginning. You will get stronger and better, especially if you check back with our blog for future “Ask Mary Helen” posts covering specific tips on how to get the most out of your Ballet Beautiful workout.

 In love already? Great! Get started here.

xo MHB