DVD Challenge!

Get ready Ballet Beauties! The first ever Ballet Beautiful DVD Challenge is here!

Below are all the details you will need to get started.  We love bringing the Ballet Beautiful community together to encourage and support each other as we challenge ourselves and reach new fitness goals together.

We hope you will join us! Can’t wait to get started!

Xoxo - Mary Helen

Here are the details:

- We will be starting the challenge on Monday, April 1 and it will be ending on Sunday, April 13.

- All the workouts included in the Challenge can be found in the DVDs listed below and as detailed in the previous blog post. We have received questions from our online Ballet Beauties about the ability to follow along via streaming. While many of the workouts included in the DVD Challenge are in the streaming library, this is a DVD focused challenge. To get the full experience we recommend following via DVD!

- As with our previous BB Fitness Challenges, this Challenge is designed with the goal of following and completing the same workouts together every day! We encourage everyone to check in and share your workouts and progress, with hashtags #BalletBeautiful #BalletBeautifulFit #BBChallenge. We will also be sharing our updates with all of you on our social media channels so please follow along with us at @balletbeautiful and @balletbeautifulfit.

- It is very easy to do these workouts no matter where you are. The only equipment you will be needing is a mat and some space. It is also always helpful to have a towel with you and some water.

We can’t wait to #TrainLikeABallerina with you all!!

BB DVD Challenge 2019