Fall Fitness Kickoff

Hi Beauties! Summer is winding down and Fall is just around the corner. Back to school vibes are kicking off in a major way. I've been relishing these final quiet days before the chaos of fall's buzzing schedule but my body is itching for a new challenge and routine.

A change in season and schedule is an ideal time to revamp your training strategy and set yourself up in the months to come.  My goal is to kick off September feeling strong, balanced and calm! Below are a few tips to stay connected to your workouts along with a mini Fall playlist to kick off serious results.

Make a commitment to yourself.  Your workouts will never be successful if they don't happen! Commit to 3 hours a week of exercise and make it happen. Don't be hard on yourself on what you did or didn't do this summer.  We have hopefully all had some time for fun and relaxation, and now we are going to check in with where we are at right now and get started there! If you had a little break in working out and want to pace yourself, our Recharge and Beginning Ballet Beautiful workouts are a wonderful resource to ease back in as you rebuild stamina and strength.

Be Realistic but Flexible -- Be honest with yourself when thinking about when you are most likely to workout. If you are not a morning person, AM workouts may not be sustainable. If you have to go out after work or school, evening workouts might not be doable because your energy will be too low. Whatever your normal day-to-day schedule is, be realistic with yourself and set aside time to train each week.  Remember too that  life is not predictable. If you fall off course or miss a workout that doesn't mean that you can't make up the time later today or tomorrow.  Do not obsess and punish yourself, this negative thinking can trap you. Instead let it go, move forward and rearrange your schedule to accommodate your next workout.

Make it fun! In New York City, Fall is a special time of new beginnings, fashion and glamour! I love it when life inspires my workouts. The Supermodel series is always a challenging favorite for Fall.

Below is a Fall Playlist that I am excited about and will be starting on Monday! Remember to aim for a minimum of 3 days a week and do what you can to squeeze in an extra day or two a week whenever you can! Start with Fall Workout 1 and once you build strength and stamina move up to Fall Workout 2. You can find all of these workouts in our Custom Workout.

Fall here we come! xoxo - Mary Helen

Fall playlist 1:

Body Recharge Core

Intro to Inner Thigh

Body Recharge: Bridge Series

Beginning Ballet Beautiful: Barre

Body Recharge Cardio Kickstart

Body Recharge Arms & Posture

Fall playlist 2: 

Supermodel Abs Mix

Supermodel Bridge

Supermodel Outer Thigh

Supermodel Inner Thigh

Supermodel Cardio Burn

Fashion Arms

Fall playlist 3:

Ballet Abs

Outer Thigh Arabesque

Butt-Series-Part 1

Standing Abs & Waist Bends

Plié: First Position

Total Body Lunge

Fall playlist 4:

Backstage Abs

Arabesque on the Mat

Weightless Arms Workout

Plié Releve

Bikini Twist

Side Lunge Cardio