Finding Your Motivation at Home
Hello Ballet Beauties,
I'm Ballet Beautiful NYC Master Trainer, Anais.  The events of this year have disrupted the normal for so many. We are adjusting to being in the comfort of our own home more than we have ever been and it's become our office, restaurant, gym, movie theater, and more! With this new normal, we're also having to rearrange our daily routines and for me, I'm no longer able to take a studio dance class or perform on stage- parts of my daily life that I never anticipated losing for such a long period of time.
This shift in normal, it's caused increased anxiety because of so many factors outside of my control and decreased the options that I have to release that stress. It takes a conscious effort to remind myself that self care is super important to keep those stress levels down. The best way to do that is by working out. When I move my body, it helps me get motivated for the day ahead. It is an immediate mood and energy booster but finding the motivation to work out has been a challenge. To help everyone find their motivation, I've gathered my 5 tips to help motivate you and make your workouts a fun part of your daily life while at home.
 1. Establish a routine. 
Having daily routine while at home is the most helpful aspect to keep you focused. Schedule a workout each day at a time that you know you can stick to! When you check-off your workout from your to-do list, you'll feel an immediate sense of accomplishment. Those feel-good endorphins are sure to keep you motivated to accomplish even more tasks throughout your day!
2. Create a designated workout space.
Try to make this space separate from your “work” area and comforting enough where you know you can easily accomplish the workout. Ballet Beautiful NYC Master Trainer, Nicholas, has some great tips for Setting Up Your At-Home Studio.
3. Dress the part.
Change into your workout clothes! Half the fun of working out is looking the part! I know when I put on my leotard and tights and pull my hair into a bun I feel the part! Designated workout clothes are an important part of shifting your mindset to “workout/me time.”
4. Eat well, hydrate often! 
Eating light and fresh before a workout helps your body feel ready for the physical exercise and it gives you energy- Food is fuel for your body! Just remember to leave some space between eating and working out so your body has a chance to digest the fuel you've just given it! As always, hydrate before, during, and after each workout to replenish your body. 
5. Have support! 
Find people to whom you can turn for motivation and support each other. We know social distancing can be tough but Online Group Classes are so much fun and you have the support of the community and your trainer! At Ballet Beautiful NYC, we've started online private group classes for groups of friends to take classes together. So gather your group and create your own Group Class or join the regular group classes to feel support from the community!
We love hearing how you find your motivation to workout so leave us a comment and join us in class for a stress releasing, motivation workout! See you soon!