Happy Ballet Beautiful New Year!

The New Year has arrived with each day ahead holding the promise of change and wonder. As work, school and real life commence, it is the perfect time to evaluate and set new goals, create healthy habits and work towards making this year the best one yet!

Optimistic by nature, I love taking time to think about the impact that positive thoughts and actions can have on our daily lives. Not just for ourselves but for others as well. What can we do each day to live better and spread a bit of sunshine in the world? These first days of the new year provide the perfect moment to pause and reflect, and more importantly look ahead to the the life that we want to create for ourselves and how we want to live in the year to come.

Mary Helen Bowers during pregnancy

My personal goals are often quite broad and sweeping, but they do allow for detailed execution in every day life. This year I’m thinking about what I can do to create a home and work life that is full of health and joy, and what I can remove from my life that might stand in the way.

Mary Helen Bowers with Baby

As a mother to a young infant, I’m feeling extra protective of my time and of our environment. The nesting urge remains in full swing, and I’m also putting a lot of extra thought into how I nourish and treat my body, which has been through a tremendous amount in a few short weeks. Sometimes the simple act of decluttering a closet or your desk can clear out the cobwebs and brighten your every day. The same is true of relationships that might have gone sour. Whether with people, food, or even your body, there’s no space in a happy life for things that make us feel bad.

Mary Helen Bowers with kids

Here’s to thinking positive, making choices that support our health and happiness, and a bright and shining 2016!

Mary Helen Bowers trainingShare some of your personal goals that you are focusing on for 2016! I would love to hear about them. With love and best wishes for a very Happy, Ballet Beautiful New Year!


Mary Helen