Healthy Snacking

Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s body responds to food differently. Personally, I really enjoy food and hate being hungry!! So instead of grazing, which some people love, I feel best eating three to four square meals a day with healthy snacks if I am hungry between meals to keep me satisfied and on track.

To keep your body’s metabolism humming, you need to give it fuel. Small snacks and light means through the day acutally encourage your body to keep burning food, especially when you feed it healthy, nutritious foods. Plus, eating frequently can help maintain your engergy. One of the worst triggers for cravings and overeating is letting your blood sugar get too low by not eating between meals if you are hungry.

I don’t always snack, but when I am hungry I love energy filled, protein packed little snacks that I can have as little mini-meals right after a workout and in the late afternoon. Some favorites are a handful of raw almonds or yogurt cheese for healthy fats. *#bbhealthyhint: both are also a great source of the post workout protein you need!* I also love fresh fruit, like an apple for an energy boost and fiber and a few whole-grain crackers, like these Wasa Crisps.

Well rounded and super satisfying, any of these snacks can really help keep you on track with a healthy day, satisfy your hunger and are super yummy!

What are your favorites when the snack attack hits? xo MH

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