Healthy Wraps!

BLAT on Lettuce Wrap BLAT on Lettuce Wrap Tuna Salad on Collard Greens

We’re always on the lookout for easy and nutritious meals we can whip up ahead of time to make our busy days run smoother! Bringing your lunch from home is a much healthier (not to mention more budget-friendly!) alternative to eating out or ordering in. It’s especially convenient on those days when we have a full plate with work, meetings, appointments, childcare, or workouts; it can be so easy to forget to eat or grab something that’s quick but won’t necessarily make you feel your best.

We’ve come up with three simple wrap sandwiches that are healthy, easy to transport, and a cinch to put together! You can mix and match your favorite fillings and wraps to build your perfect lunch.  We hope these recipes help to keep you full and healthy and make your days a little less stressful!

BLAT on Lettuce Wrap


– Bacon of your choice (turkey, low-sodium, regular, etc.)

– Tomato

– Avocado

– Boston, butter, or romaine lettuce to wrap

Roasted Veggies and Hummus (Vegan)


– Roasted eggplant

– Roasted red peppers

– Arugula

– Hummus of your choice

– Whole wheat wrap

Tuna Salad on Collard Greens


– Tuna salad (we made ours with olive oil, red onions, parsley, lemon juice, celery, and capers)

– Red onion

– Collard greens to wrap

Turkey Cheddar Wrap 


– Turkey

– Cheddar cheese

– Arugula

– Red onions

– Dijon mustard

– Whole wheat wrap