Holiday Prep- Barre Strengthen Challenge

Hi Beauties,

It's back to the barre this month was we prep for the busy holiday season! Strengthen your ballet muscles and improve your posture Spring Refresh: Posture and a new favorite, Lower Back and Arm Strengthener. Plus we've included a challenging new workout, Thighs and Booty Strengthener for classic Ballet Beautiful burn.

It wouldn't be the beginning of Nutcracker season if we didn't include some beloved Nutcracker workouts! Get stage ready for the holidays with Pre Show Battement Barre and Backstage Workout: Nutcracker Series Barre Prep.

If you don't have a ballet barre at home, not to worry! Check out our All About Barre and No Barre, No Problem blogs for creative ideas to use in place of a ballet barre.

Get holiday ready with this pre-built challenge in your BB Challenges feature under NEW THIS MONTH! If you are a Custom Workout Subscriber and are in the middle of another challenge, you can begin this challenge at any time! If you haven't subscribed to Ballet Beautiful Custom Workout yet, we invite you to join us and sign up o build strength and tone with ballet-inspired workouts.

+ don't miss our 3 Must Have Barre Stretches & Classic Barre Stretch Break to layer into your Ballet Beautiful workouts this month!

+for Pro Tips to help you maximize your BB workout, check out Mary Helen's Barre Workout Quick Tip video!

Prep for the barre and preview the calendar below so you know what to expect!

If you have any questions, kindly email [email protected] for assistance.

Remember to tag @balletbeautiful and use #barrestrengthenchallenge so we can follow along!

Comment below your Challenge experience and help us connect our Ballet Beauties!

Have a beautiful workout!

Love, Mary Helen