Inside Ballet Basics

Ballet Beautiful exists at the intersection of fitness and dance, combining core aspects of both into a ballet inspired workout that anyone can do. Our streaming workout series Ballet Basics takes you back to the foundations of classical ballet, by breaking down many of the basic ballet steps in highly effective workouts designed for all of our Ballet Beautiful beauties.

If you’re new to the Ballet Beautiful method the Ballet Basics series is a wonderful place to start! You will learn common vocabulary and steps that you will use throughout your Ballet Beautiful journey. For our more experienced members Ballet Basics is a great way to work on your technique to ensure that you continue to challenge yourself and achieve your workout goals.

Think about Ballet Basics as your Ballet Beautiful “barre”. Every dancer, no matter how long they’ve been dancing, starts their day with a ballet barre to train their ballet muscles and prepare for a rehearsal or performance. You can use Ballet Basics the same way and prepare for your Swan Lake, or Sleeping Beauty workouts!

Here is a sample of how to use the complete Ballet Basic program, from the classroom to stage:

Ballet Basics Barre, Rond de Jambe
Ballet Basics: Port de Bras Workout
Ballet Basics: Arabesque
All of the videos are also highly effective on their own, and a perfect supplement to any of your favorite Ballet Beautiful workouts!