Inside the Custom Workout

Our one of a kind Custom Workout Subscription is better than ever with all new content and subscriber features. From our new Subscriber Playlist functionality, to unlimited access to our exclusive Streaming Library of over 200 videos (and growing!), along with highly personalized weekly programs, world class Ballet Beautiful training is accessible anytime, anywhere.

We understand how busy life is for all of our members, and how rewarding a terrific workout can be. Our goal is to keep you challenged with: 1. transformative workouts and 2. innovative online delivery for the ultimate Ballet Beautiful experience. We believe that exercise should be an empowering and fun part of everyday life.

Our Custom Workout Subscription is now made up of these three different features:

Custom Workout

A highly personalized weekly workout program based on individual fitness goals and availability that can be update and changed at any time. We love the ability that this gives our subscribers to experience the customization of private training regardless of location!

Streaming Library

Enjoy unlimited access to our constantly growing library of exclusive streaming videos (over 200 plus a minimum of two new videos added each month!)

Subscriber Playlists

Members love this newest addition to our subscription service debuting the ability to build and save your own personal playlists.

Whether the goal is to burn fat, sculpt long, lean ballerina legs, tighten and tone the abs and arms, or simply enjoy a killer full body workout, our Custom Workout Subscription offers a huge array of impactful and challenging workouts that deliver big results. From advanced exercisers to beginners, expectant mothers to new moms, from aspiring dancers to pros, our Custom Workout subscription has been designed to grow and develop along with our members over time.

We absolutely love hearing from our Ballet Beauties around the world! Below are some of the great results and experiences our Custom Workout Subscription members are having with the program:

"I am completely devoted to BB and my morning workout. I joined the Custom Workout about 3 months ago and my body has completely changed." – Kristin Dawes

“Been working out with BB since 2014! Have most of your DVDs too. I love how toned I feel after! And with a baby now in tow, it helps that I could work out in 10-15 minute increments.” – Elaine Bedonia

"No diet or fitness program had contributed so greatly to my emotional, mental, and physical well being as Ballet Beautiful has." – Marielle Srebro

“I'm soooo looking forward to trying this new feature, has been on my wish list and now it's actually here, yay! Thank you.” – Nina Vangerow

“Hooray! I can finally curate my own favorite videos by category! Love!!!” – Beth Gilbert

We can’t wait for you to get started and to take your Ballet Beautiful experience to the next level.

Have a beautiful workout!