Inside the Custom Workout, April

Hi Beauties!

We are super excited to share our new April workouts with you!

This month both new exercises are performed at the barre. The barre provides a little extra help with balance so that you can push yourself an extra inch to increase the burn. Make sure to check out No Barre, No Problem for ideas on what to do if you don’t have access to a ballet barre and for tips on getting the most out of all your Ballet Beautiful barre workouts.

Barre: Booty Burn provides a high intensity ballet burn for the muscles in your butt, core and thighs. Having the assistance of the barre will help you get a little deeper in your ballet lunge, while working both turned out and in parallel targets the full range of muscles in your butt and legs.

Barre: Booty Burn, Pro Tip– Listen for my cue to bend slightly forward from the waist, this will make the exercises more effective for the butt and thighs while also offering an great challenge for your ballet core. When you are in this position step away from the barre slightly so that you have room to bend forward, keep your core engaged to protect your lower back and only lift your leg as high as you can keeping your hips parallel to the floor.

Barre: Posture & Toning is a fun, dance cardio workout aimed at toning the whole body, while paying special attention to strengthen your ballet posture. Incorporating movements for your lower body while working on toning your arms and back helps to increase the full body burn in order to receive the same results as a dancer in ballet class.

Barre: Posture & Toning, Pro Tip– You can always add a set of 1 or 2 pound wrist weights for increased caloric burn and increase the toning through your arms, back and center. Pay close attention to keeping your neck long and shoulders pressed down, especially when using weights, so that you don’t build tension or add strain to your neck and shoulders.

Take a peek and get started today!

Have a Beautiful Workout!
xoxoMary Helen