Inside the Custom Workout, July!

Hi Beauties!

Summer has officially begun and we are loving the ballet burn from our two newest workouts!

I love how effective working in 6th position (parallel) can be to target the ballet muscles of you inner and outer thigh, and especially glutes! The Side Lunge Cardio Workout provides a full body burn that targets all of your ballet muscles with special focus on the butt and waist. The workout progresses from small movements like tendu, to large battement movements just like exercises in a ballet barre. The progression is great way to pay extra attention to your form and prepare your body for fuller, bigger movements. Don't forget to check that you're staying truly parallel with your feet and legs to get the most out of your Side Lunge Cardio workout.

Pro Tip, Side Lunge Cardio - Throughout the workout you plié and bend forward at the waist, this will charge up the muscles in your butt and core. Think of pulling your belly button in to your spine to protect your low back as you bend forward at the waist and stick your butt out. The position should feel like you're sitting in a chair in order to achieve the extra booty burn.

Side Lunge Cardio, Mini

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The Temps Lié Workout is inspired by the dance step Temps lié, meaning a step to connect. Temps lié can be performed in any direction and it is used to transfer your weight from one leg to another while dancing. Temps lié is also a great step to strengthen and tone your ballerina leg muscles, paying close attention to fully bending and straightening your legs each time you move through the position. The Temps Lié Workout is a fun dance-y workout that incorporates some of the most elemental steps in ballet to lift your heart rate and tone your Ballet Beautiful body.

Pro Tip, Temps Lié Workout - This workout is meant to be danc-y and fun. You should feel like you're gliding across stage. Don't get caught up in the steps, just have fun! The most important part is to keep moving so that your heart rate stays up. Keep your core tight, shoulders relaxed and enjoy!

Temps Lié Workout, Mini

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Take a peek, and get started today!

xoxo Mary Helen