Dr. Sonal Parr, a internist with a special interest in nutrition and fitness, chats with Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful about how to keep your body in balance. Dr. Parr breaks down her 2:1 diet plan–every animal-based product needs to be balanced by eating twice as many plant-based products–as she shares one of her favorite alkalizing recipes, Sauteed Spinach!

The body works to maintain our pH perfectly balanced at 7.4. Dr. Parr explains that we need to help it on a daily basis with our diet to stay Ballet Beautiful.  In our current society we have a heavy animal-based diet which puts strain on our bodies.  Adding items like sauteed spinach to your meal or lemon to your water you can help keep to this 2:1 meal plan, rebalance your body and feel wonderful!

Enjoy and come back for more #InTheKitchen with BB! xo

Dr. Sonal Parr, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College and affiliated with the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Hospital for Special Surgery, recently opened her own practice, 72nd Street Medical Associates. Throughout her career Dr. Parr has been involved in research projects in molecular biology and clinical medicine. She is currently involved in a project assessing new treatment alternatives in osteoporosis.